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An Easy Rest Adjustable Bed offers a modern, upgraded, state of the art line of adjustable beds. All our models, in all sizes, are available nationwide for timely delivery into your bedroom. Financing is available for those who qualify. Find out now why Easy Rest is a cure for the common bed.

Benefits of our Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System:

  • Naturally support your body in 1001 possible comfort positions
  • Full body support to watch your favorite shows, read and work
  • Vibrating massage to ease the day’s hard work and tension out
  • of your muscles
  • The soothing heat accessory may provide temporary relief for common health problems, such as:
    • Low back pain, minor aches and pain due to muscular fatigue
    • Edema or swelling of the legs
    • Poor local blood circulation
    • Mild arthritis and joint pain
    • Nighttime heartburn